what dan and blair are really saying in the loft scene


Blair: I love you.

Dan: Having been yelled at by Blair Waldorf a lot in the past, I will now prepare to be yelled at again.

Blair: No, I came because I love you.

Dan: Chuck?

Blair: Have you been paying attention at all lately?  No.

Dan: now that I’ve let out a big sigh that indicates that I am either relieved that my biggest fear that yet another Chair reunion has not happened, I will stand, cross the room, and attempt banter with you, because this might be what I think it is, but I’m just not sure that I want to believe it….

Blair: banter accepted, but dude, please don’t distract me.  I LOVE YOU.  No more Chuck.  You and me, right now.  

Dan: I will now smile because I’m happy and then I will kiss you.

Blair: “blah blah blah blah Dan.”

Dan: say it again because damn, it’s nice not to be called ‘humphrey’, and it’s really nice to kiss you and hear you say it, and…

Rufus and Lily must show up because how could there not be sex directly after that kiss? 


Gossip Girl | Dair 4x17 & 5x17


4x17 ended with the first dair kiss which was freeze-framed

5x17 ended with the first dair kiss as a couple which was given at a 360 degrees angle

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Lola: So in the scene where Claire kisses Dylan, is that like a passionate kiss or is it just a sweet one?
Blair: I’ve got this one, Humphrey. First off, if you had done your homework you would know the answer. I mean, even Gossip Girl knows that.
Lola: Who’s Gossip Girl?
Blair: I thought this theater company was professional. Have you never heard of research? Log on and learn everything you need to know about me, stat. But you can skip my entire freshman year of college. Secondly, Claire would never kiss Dylan passionately, ever. If she had to kiss him at all it would be perfunctory, like shaking someone’s hand or petting a dog.
Lola: I-I don’t understand.
Dan: It’s because you’re listening to the ramblings of a deranged person. Blair, go home.
Blair: Are you intentionally being obtuse? I mean, a Claire-Dylan kiss would mean nothing. Do you mind if I show her?
Dan: Actually, I do.
Blair: It should look like this. 

“I want more. I want you.”

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